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Application of Megapixel Ip Camera

Application of Megapixel Ip Camera

With the continuous development of security monitoring technology, market demand for security monitoring also quickly changed intelligent video surveillance system for home security, anti-terrorism and security needs, user requirements are increasingly urgent, and therefore in recent years, smart of high-definition video surveillance system has become a clear development direction, which means that the requirements of the users of the monitoring system will be more focused on the surveillance camera image clarity, attention to the monitor screen in the extent to which the site consistent intelligent analysis system enabling it to be used to accurately identify abnormal target.
Traditional analog cameras can not meet the demand for high-definition image capture, HD has become the mainstream of the development of today's video surveillance, to achieve high-definition video surveillance, can not be separated from the high-definition camera, therefore, megapixel ip camera products have emerged. Megapixels HD ip camera appear laid the foundation for for HD monitoring program realization megapixel ip camera is based on IP network transmission of high-definition camera. Constitute an example to introduce a general definition network cameras, front to back turn lens, infrared cut filter, the image sensor, clock synchronization motherboard, power supply, and I / O network interface board compression and image processing encoding. In all the constituent parts, the most critical is the image sensor, the indicators or a direct impact to the excellent high-definition network camera picture effect. Currently on the market, most of the high-definition network cameras using CMOS as the photosensitive element CCD sensor, HD ip camera advantages.
Megapixels ip camera just a general term of high-definition network camera industry, refers million and more than one megapixel ip camera, but the industry has not yet formed a standard to define megapixels and HD. Megapixels is the effective number of pixels of the sensor used in network camera reaches more than one million, at the same time, this scene HD camcorder output screen resolution of at least 1280 × 720. The image resolution of today's mainstream 1.3-megapixel, 2.0 megapixel, 500 or higher megapixel megapixels grade network camera output are generally at least 720P (1280 × 720) or 1080P (1920 x 1080). From the current industry recognized standards, the video screen resolution of 720P HD is a basic requirement, and even on some occasions called quasi-HD, because the strict sense, the 1280 x 720 resolution has not yet reached a hundred million pixels. And is generally recognized as the true high-definition images, video screen resolution needed to reach 1920 × 1080, that commonly referred 1080P.
Is easy to see from the above-mentioned video screen resolution megapixels HD ip camera video screen is the era of traditional analog cameras can not match the clarity improvement, enlargement of the image field of view, are the most prominent advantages. On the one hand, from the resolution numerical comparison, the screen resolution megapixels HD ip camera many times greater than the advantage of the traditional camera clarity; practical application in addition to the level of clarity of the video screen, there is a very important requirements that the real-time nature of the video screen to view the PAL transmission and playback frame rate of up to 25 frames / sec. Transmission and presentation of high frame rate currently the most megapixel ip camera on the market in 720P or 1080P resolution format can achieve 25 frames / sec, and reached the 2560 × 1920 resolution HD ip cameras are mostly not achieve such the clarity under real-time rendering.
Practical application in the industry, customers tend to have very specific monitoring requirements, as well as to achieve the objectives and requirements. Such as bank teller monitoring system needs to be able to clearly see the facial features of every coming for business personnel; traffic road monitoring need to be able to clearly see the license plate number of the vehicle by each lane. Traditional non-high-definition monitor, in order to meet these special needs often require for each teller, each individual lane cameras installed to narrow the monitoring vision and clarity to ensure that monitoring goals. Megapixels HD ip camera application, you can use the one megapixel ip camera instead of multiple non-high-definition camera, and can reach the need to use multiple traditional cameras in order to achieve the monitoring results. Three-lane road monitoring format cameras use SD D1 resolution monitor For a clear license plate information, you need to be installed separately for each lane cameras require a total of three cameras to the lanes completely monitoring. Megapixels HD ip camera, you can achieve a camera monitoring of the three-lane, and get a clear license plate information.
Megapixels HD ip camera, there is no doubt to the majority of users has brought great convenience, but also makes security monitoring quality has been greatly improved to accelerate the exit of existing markets, while also continue to promote traditional analog cameras. So if you want to select in the practical application of the higher pixel camera monitoring the effect of the greater good? In fact, megapixels HD of course bring to enhance the quality of the screen, but at the same time should also see that the increase in network bandwidth usage, as well as the upgrading of the storage space requirements, such as 1080P HD screen, five times the clarity screen in SD D1, D1 resolution transmission only 1M bandwidth is needed to transmission and storage, to 1080P HD transmission bit rate up to 6M transmission and storage. Million-pixel high-definition camera for HD monitoring program construction, considering the input of the transmission and storage, choose the most suitable high-definition camera, rather than blindly select five megapixels, even million pixels; Perhaps 1.3 million, 2-megapixel ip camera is the most suitable choice. Megapixels HD ip camera, you must also choose the right camera lens, you first need to choose to use HD lens, if you are still using ordinary non-HD lens, you will not be able to exhibit ultra-high resolution megapixel HD ip camera effect. In addition, according to the application environment and to monitor the objectives and requirements of the different, but also to choose the right focal length of the lens, is to choose to meet the monitoring lens vision objectives and requirements. If you choose a wide-angle lens, the viewing angle is large, generally more than 90 degrees, suitable for monitoring large-scale, short-range establishments; select a telephoto lens, the viewing angle less than 20 degrees, is mainly used for a wide range of ultra-long-range environmental monitoring, such as a forest, stadium, harbor and other high-altitude look monitored.
Million-pixel high-definition camera on the market lack of people with all kinds of different characteristics of the models, rather than the integration of intelligent video analysis technology, with a high-definition camera with features to become one of the highlights of the development of the HD camcorder, such as smart HD network cameras, intelligent video analysis technology megapixels HD organic fusion. Intelligent video analysis technology has become the mainstream of today's technology development direction, continue to be widely used, megapixels brings high-definition picture quality, video surveillance into the era of high-definition monitor, but did not change the traditional passive monitoring mode . Unfocused observed scene images of high-definition display, of course, to the monitoring personnel brought the intuitive experience of HD, but still could not change the number of monitoring site, easy to miss the passive situation. And then clear the screen, if police intelligence can not be the first time to the monitoring personnel receive the alerts, the effective value will be greatly reduced. Use of early warning efficacy of intelligent video analysis, the first time there will be a the police intelligence HD screen pop-up will greatly enhance the efficiency of its monitoring. In the era of traditional analog surveillance cameras, the camera itself does not have the video processing DSP chip, it can not be intelligent video analysis algorithm is embedded to the camera in order to achieve the intelligent monitoring need of additional intelligent video analysis equipment, the cost and maintenance effort are larger. Megapixels HD ip camera emergence of video processing DSP chips that motherboard, so you can achieve the intelligent video analysis algorithms embedded megapixels HD ip camera. Intelligent video analysis algorithms will be occupied by the processing power of the DSP, the order does not affect the video compression to ensure the quality of the video screen, as well as in order to ensure that the intelligent video analysis algorithms have sufficient computing resources to achieve higher performance, dual DSP chip manufacturers to adopt way, on the one hand, to ensure that millions of high-definition picture quality, on the other hand to ensure that the performance of the intelligent video analysis.
Laid the foundation for the realization of intelligent video analysis capabilities megapixels network cameras. As we all know, intelligent video analysis is based on image analysis of events, the premise is the image, the image is clear or not directly determine the accuracy of the analysis of the events. Megapixels emergence of intelligent analysis to provide a high-definition image sources, intelligent video analysis accuracy also increased dramatically, has been a manufacturer of intelligent video analysis accuracy to the size of 3 × 3 pixels, If you do not have a high-definition The video source do to ensure, this precision is difficult to achieve. Megapixels HD ip camera appears, not only for our naked monitoring provides a high-definition image analysis to provide a high-resolution analysis of the source, as well as equipment intelligent, easy monitoring intelligent. As mentioned earlier megapixels HD ip camera applications that require high bandwidth to carry high-definition image transmission, all HD image transmission to the monitoring center for check-in staff monitoring, and will no doubt take up a lot of network bandwidth resources, The integration of high-definition video camera with smart technology, making the front end of the camera can be automatically filtered high-risk events, warning image filtered the chosen transmission of monitoring center, so that will greatly reduce the HD monitoring solutions rely on network bandwidth resources, dramatically reducing HD solutions of the overall cost.

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